Hands-On: Conceptual Craft Research

May 18–21, 2013

ICFF Booth #3020
Javits Center (NYC)


In the past design was solely focused on mass production, but today’s international design culture is a rich mix of design, craft, and fine art contexts in which young designers can test their ideas as one-offs, limited editions, or mass-produced products. This liberating expansion of design has inspired new kinds of hands-on craft research and material investigations combining innovative semantic languages with unexpected materials, forms, textures, patterns, colors and uses. This approach favors an analog, hands-on process of exploring form with real materials, rather than a virtual process of digital visualization. A ‘conceptual craft’ results in which the creative use of materials is valued more than conventional craft techniques, and a sensory richness is valued more than polite, modern forms. This research is shown with prototypes by 3D design students and recent alumni of Cranbrook Academy of Art.


May 18–21, 2013

ICFF Booth #3020
Javits Center (NYC)

Mark Baker

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Welded steel, textured finish
A basket/container/fruitbowl.


Aaron Blendowski

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Oak, crinkle paint finish
Side table/container.


Jack Craig

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PVC Series
PVC water main pipe, stone, wood
PVC pipe heated and formed by hand.


Mark Dineen

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Gilded Base
Plaster wrap, 22 K gold leaf
These candle holders are formed quickly by hand then meticulously wrapped in gold leaf. A collision of high craft and low craft techniques.


Eric Drury

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Resin Table
Resin, wood
A table formed from resin poured into a mold with wooden legs cast in place.

Brian DuBois

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Steam – After Hours Light Series
Aluminum, resin, LEDs, electronics
Motion of the hand across the top of this light shade turns the lamp on/off and has a dimming feature. Each mood light comes with a custom cast resin shade.


Kristina Gerig

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KG.ID.2013 Series
Stoneware, polymer clay, acrylic, wood
A series of vessels where every material was chosen in contrast to the next and every action was chosen to reveal a more natural state of each material.


Seth Keller

image desc

Amateur Chair
Salvaged spruce tree and paint
This chair highlights the irregularities of the natural material.


Scott Klinker

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Tower Book Display
Powder-coated steel
This seven foot tall minimal architecture turns our most prized books into a trophy for the interior.

Trellis for Alessi
Stainless steel
Pattern becomes structure in this fruit bowl manufactured by Alessi.


Yukyeong Lee

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Shaggy Storage
T-shirts, metal frame
Interior storage spaces are concealed by a shaggy exterior, encouraging a tactile interaction.


Mark Moskovitz

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Concrete Desk Lamp
Cast concrete, electronics
A shift of material gives this desk lamp a bold, architectural presence.


Jonathan Muecke

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Woven Chair (WC) #11
Carbon yarn, epoxy resin
The eleventh chair in a series testing the possibilities of a continuous strand of carbon yarn wound circuitously.


Sae Jung Oh

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Savage Chair and Side Table
Jute, leather string, various found objects
This chair and table uses discarded plastic objects, assembled together and wrapped in jute and leather string to reveal new forms. Trash is transformed into beauty through craft. A critical view of our culture of abundance.


Brittany Pool

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Geometry Collection
Porcelain and stoneware blend
These tableware forms were derived from hand crafting techniques and a study of geometry, scale and color.

Yating (Susan) Qiu

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Hand-cut Chair
Foam rubber, rubber coating
Stacked blocks of foam are hand-cut with a knife to express irregular shapes and textures.

Christopher Schanck

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Alufoil Chair
Aluminum, polyurea, epoxy resin
A laminated cladding expresses a hand craft process.


Adam Shirley

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Pinch Vase for Alessi
Stainless steel
This product for Alessi was originally prototyped by pinching the mouth of a square metal tube. The linear mouth gives order to flower arrangements.

John Truex

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Dear Charlie for Alessi
Chrome-plated zamak
This product for Alessi is a support for storing and displaying bananas. The shape is reminiscent of a small branch.

Reed Wilson

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Side Table
Marble, walnut, poplar, paint
Traditional techniques combine with an untraditional material mix.



Christopher Schanck and Scott Klinker,
Cranbrook 3D Designer-in-Residence


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